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Meet the Jeff Greipp Secure Your Future Scholarship winners!

​"I feel blessed with this opportunity. I can learn more and better prepare myself and my organization to address the newest threats we are faced with today, such as cyber threats, justice issues, and financial and budgeting challenges in the security field. There is nothing that pleases me more than following my passion while serving others and the ability to pass my knowledge along to a new generation."

Terry Swarczinski
Associate Director, University of Michigan, Division of Public Safety and Security

"The ASIS Foundation Scholarship has provided me a platform of hope, optimism, and renewed confidence. This indeed is an opportunity long sought and highly appreciated; I see myself soar like an eagle as a security expert in Nigeria, Africa, and the world at large and getting to the peak of a career which I am extremely passionate about. Yes! In ASIS, no dream is too big."

Ogbuehi Victoria Nkemdilim, PCI
Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps/ ASIS Abuja Chapter 273

"The Global Management focus for the MBA will allow me to continue to develop and deepen my reputation as a business enabler, for those global organizations to whom I provide services as an independent and trusted advisor, by allowing me to understand the theory, as well as the practical and tactical applications, and implications, of business operations in an increasingly complex business world."

Jason Dury
Insider Threat Program Manager, Symantec Corporation /ASIS National Capital Chapter

"I feel that with the help of your innovative Bachelor's Program, my management ideas can come to life to improve work practices for all employees that are involved under my supervision."

Jennie Williams
Lead Airport Security Agent, Allied Barton Security Services

"I have always intended to go back to school, but other responsibilities in my life and career got in the way. This opportunity, afforded me by the generosity of the ASIS Foundation, will enable me to rejuvenate my career, gain more credibility, broaden my horizons, further my education, and will ultimately equip me with the skills and knowledge to be a more effective security professional."

Christopher Goetzman
Staff Security Specialist, Qualcomm/ASIS San Diego Chapter

"The Master of Public Administration degree that I will be receiving from the University of Phoenix will enhance my knowledge as an administrator as Court Security Manager in the 17th Judicial Circuit.  Being a member of ASIS International is going to give me the added expertise in the security practitioner field to be recognized as one of the top security professionals in the country."

Cynthia Burroughs
Court Security Manager, Broward County Government

"Earning a Masters of Information Systems with Cyber Security Certificate puts me in a much better position to manage an effective information security program and grow security awareness and talent within the organization."

Joseph B Cyr, Jr
CSO, L-3 Communications, ASIS Western Massachusetts Chapter

"Being afforded the opportunity to obtain a second degree at this point in my career is a fantastic opportunity. I feel honored to have been awarded this scholarship from ASIS International; an organization that I have been a member of for 30 years. Honestly, I don’t know if I will make a huge impact on the Security industry as a whole, but I do know that I will make a significant impact on those I work with, my colleagues in the industry, and my employer. I also believe that I will be better prepared, and more effective, by completing this degree in Information Technology with an Advanced Cyber Certification. After I complete my degree program at Phoenix University, I believe that I will have successfully retooled myself and am now prepared to move forward and succeed in the 21st century field of Corporate Security."

Jeffrey W. Rolph, CPP
Security Director Flagstar Bank, ASIS Detroit Chapter

"I am honored and thankful to have received this scholarship. An MBA will provide me the knowledge needed to expand my investigative firm, and in the process, provide jobs for other investigative and security professionals. I've always believed education is one of the top factors in being successful, and the ASIS Foundation is making that education possible. I know my firm will have a brighter future because of this opportunity."

Christopher A. Borba
Chapter 026 [Richmond]


Winners not pictured:

H. Dean Conner, Chapter 065 [Greater Charlotte]​​