Matthew Simeone P3 Award

​​​​​​​​​The Matthew Simeone ASIS Award for Public Private Partnership Excellence recognizes outstanding achievement by members of an ASIS chapter in the advocacy, development, implementation, and practice of public private cooperation for public safety.

ASIS chapters that work with public private partnerships (P3s) are invited to apply. Sharing your success extends the reach of your efforts, giving others an example to follow in tackling issues that can best be solved by private and public agencies working together.

Application Process

Applications will be accepted between April 24 and June 19, 2017.

Download the application.


The P3 must be currently active a​nd must have been in operation for at least one year. The private organization’s contribution must be on a voluntary basis, not a commercial endeavor such as a security guard contract.

The award will be presented to the winning ASIS chapter-nominated P3 between a full-service law enforcement agency and a private organization that demonstrably improves public safety and private security. Note: This is a joint award. Individuals are not eligible.


Nominees will be evaluated based on the significance of the contribution with regard to the following criteria:

  • Originality of program's approach to enhancing public safety and private security
  • Level of impact the cooperative effort/solution has had on public safety and/or private security
  • Potential for program permanence or longevity in the public safety / private security community
  • Proportional investment, input, and leadership among all participating agencies and organizations
  • Consistency and effectiveness of assurance standards and/or performance metrics
  • Effectiveness and frequency of communication between program partners 
  • Demonstration of executive leadership to oversee / manage the program
  • Potential to replicate and implement in other communities ​​​

Learn more about P3 programs

The LELC published Operation Partnership Primer in 2014 to update the 2009 Handbook. The primer provides guidance to law enforcement agency executives, security directors and managers and business leaders on how to develop an effective P3 program.  It also highlights best practices of leading programs for those seeking to enhance their practices. 

LELC Chair Brian H. Reich, CPP Discusses Public-Private Partnerships