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Enterprise Security Competency Research

"The Enterprise Security Competency Model is the first in the industry to identify the specific professional competencies and skills required to respond to security risks,” said Brian Allen, CPP, chief security officer for Time Warner Cable. “When we realigned our job descriptions to conform to this model, it affected more than 100 security-related jobs, increased skill sets and raised expectations for those already employed by Time Warner Cable. It now serves as a guide for those looking to join our company.”
- Business Wire


In response to enterprise security workforce development challenges, the ASIS Foundation engaged in a number of research initiatives to identify the security risks enterprises are most likely to face in the near future—and the professional competencies and skills required to mitigate and respond to those risks. The goal was to promote and maintain a common understanding of skill sets and competencies essential to educate and train a globally competitive security workforce. 

Industry Recognition

Endorsed by the US Department of Labor in 2015, the Competency Model facilitates alignment between education, training and economic investment by industry stakeholders, as well as guides job seekers to seek careers in the security field. The ASIS Foundation will lead re-evaluation and validation of the model to ensure it remains relevant. 

Enterprise Security Competency Model

Enterprise Security Building Blocks Pyramid

"We developed the Enterprise Security Competency Model for a rapidly changing security workforce. The model was developed through the expertise of more than 500 enterprise and cybersecurity leaders and published by the U.S. Department of Labor. It is now being used by employers like IBM and Time Warner Cable."
The Hill

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"We look forward to building upon the model to better define career pathways and attract the talent needed by our industry"
ASIS Foundation Board of Trustees President Dr. Linda Florence, CPP

The ASIS Foundation extends its sincere appreciation to the ASIS volunteer leaders, members, and other industry professionals who supported and contributed to this effort. Special thanks are due to Jeff Greipp, JD and the team at the University of Phoenix for leading the project and demonstrating the value of academic/industry partnerships to improve educational outcomes.