New in Metrics

‚ÄčThe ASIS Foundation continues to help security professionals make their best decisions through the use of security metrics. Here are some recent and upcoming projects:

  • ‚ÄčASIS New York, April 28, 2016: Richard Weaver, Chief Security Officer, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, and Peter Ohlhausen, President, Ohlhausen Research, Inc., spoke on Security Metrics: Communicating Value to the C-Suite.
  • New metrics evaluated and published, August 2016: The Foundation is sponsoring ongoing research to discover, summarize, and evaluate real security metrics in use in the field. The new metrics will enlarge the case study library that grew from Persuading Senior Management with Effective, Evaluated Security Metrics, the Foundation's major research study published in 2014. Three new metrics have been uploaded here [link the word "here" to the "Metrics Case Studies" page].
  • ASIS Orlando, September 12, 2016: At a session sponsored by the Foundation and the Metrics Working Group of the ASIS Defense and Intelligence Council, Richard Weaver, Chief Security Officer, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, Peter Ohlhausen, President, Ohlhausen Research, Inc., and Dan McGarvey, Senior Principal, Business Process Analyst, Alion Science & Technology, will speak on Ensuring Security Metrics Are Credible and Defensible.
  • Ongoing metrics collection and evaluation: The Foundation continues to seek new metrics to evaluate and publish. Please consider contributing your security metric in exchange for a free expert review. See survey here [link the word "here" to the survey at]